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Default Re: winter blues

Climate change is real and always has been, we get cold in winter and hot in summer.....

Many top meteorologist say the globe as a whole is getting cooler not hotter and this is the reason that more and more we are hearing the global warming crowd say " climate change" instead of global warming, the actual science and facts no longer back up the claim of global warming.

Ted Dansen was on the global cooling band wagon back in the 80's and hat fizzled out and so is the global warming hoax.

We all know that through history there have been ice ages in all parts of the world which are now warm climates and vise versa, hmmmmmm....! Wonder what melted all that ice and changed the climate and seasons all around the world over those 1000's of years....?
Was it that the flintstone era cars, trains and planes emitted to much carbon dioxide or was it the huge volume of methane gas sent into the atmosphere when the dinosaur s!

This whole climate change deal is just a hoax and a way for government to get more control over peoples lives and for a handful of polititions and other special interest groups to rob the tax payers of more of there hard earned money.
Polution that harms the soil and water is real and should be taken seriously but man made climate change is a hoax.

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