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Default Re: Motorized Bicycle Take a Tip...Leave a Tip

Originally Posted by slayer60973 View Post
This one's kinda anti theft/a-hole resistant. For quick release levers, take a couple paper clips and wrap then twist them around/through the hole in the end of the quick release if there is one around the front fork and rear frame tubes. I figured it might be handy cause most people don't carry wire snips with them. I'll upload pics in a little while. Ride safe guys.
When I'm putting my quick release wheels back on, I line everything up and snug up the axle nut/qr lever until it will just barely close by hand. Then I open it up, give the axle nut another half turn or so and swing the lever over. At this point, I need to slide the box end of my 14MM wrench over the lever and use it to swing the lever to the locked position. It takes a lot more effort to pull a wheel off that way (and I have no worries about ever having a wheel coming off trying to make it on it's own).


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