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Default Re: if you could only run 1 oil forever ...... ?

Originally Posted by BarelyAWake View Post
That's easy, the synth guys run Opti & Amsoil @ 50-100:1 and the dino guys run a seeming random assortment of all kinds of stuff, usually @ 32:1 & sometimes tinged with castor bean juice...

You'll get no clear conclusion on this one lol
lol i know its going to be all over the place, but i just wanted to see the actual outcome over time ... who runs what at what ratio and why ? and i would also like to see what the top oil is over time and right now, i am leaning towrds close call between opti 2 and amsoil.... although most of the oils i mentioned are verry good i just wonder why more people are not running lucas oi with its mix of natural oil and synthetic or royal purple, i would even like to hear peoples results with the sented ipone suff... how does that work ? i hear lots of racers run it in mopeds most of all i am interested in the red line brand ... never heard of it before but it seems to be poular
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