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Default Re: Success on 7 deg F motorized bicycle work commute!

Just got home from work on Wed, Dec 11. Temp was 5 deg F. Wind chill was minus 7 deg.

It worked. And I was comfortable. Torso was warm, hands were comfortable. The last two miles or so a little coldness was beginning to creep into the feet. But not enough to make me unhappy.

But not all was really well. Just getting that engine started and halfway warmed up was a big production. And I'm not sure it ever warmed up completely. Most of the way it was a bit weak and wanted to sputter at low speeds. The last two miles she felt about like normal. But that was downhill.

I couldn't even stop at the grocery store like I'd planned because I didn't want to go through the headache of getting her started and warm. I had to just go straight on home. With the time and effort involved in starting it, I was no faster than if I'd ridden my pedal bike.

Plus I was a bit frightened of the ice patches that kept showing up in my headlight. And that's only gonna get worse as we get more precip.

Reluctantly, I'm thinking that though it might be possible to ride this thing through anything that winter gives me, that may be in theory only. It might not be practical and it might not be safe enough.

Still, I could regard this bike as the weekend, daylight, grocery getter.

That's not my final decision on the matter.

But tomorrow it's definitely the pedal bike for me.
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