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Default Re: New Build Cool Stuff

Originally Posted by Egor View Post
Hi Jim I was looking at the motor mounts and they look great. I was thinking that you might look into the swing arm bushings for some of the small Honda's. Instead of having a bearing they use the rubber filled bushing to let the swing arm move, it also takes out some of the vibs. One of the older Honda CA77's used a larger one but I don't know if you could get any now that was in the 60's. Have fun, Dave

PS: The first Honda 50's had rubber mounts for the engine but for some reason they took them off.

Thanks, they worked out really well. The piece that you see in the photos is identical to a motorcycle swing arm bushing, (a rubber filled bushing), they were the upper A-arm bushings for a 73 chevy Nova...exact same concept. And yes the vibration isolation was complete.

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