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Default Re: has anyone seen this?

It is hard to figure out exactly what this thread is covering. The Revo Wheel is just a small two stroke in a wheel. It is so small that it is easy to start just pedal. Everything is contained in the wheel, I guess it got expensive, as it never got to market. The interesting one is the engine in the vid. There are no dimensiones for that engine so it is hard to tell if it would work. One thing is the piston is only for moving the fuel air mix to the combustion chamber. That engine is so complex that I suspect it is not efficient. the Wankel engine is far less complex, again so dirty running that it needed an after burner. I doubt that the cam would last long,(the thing in the middle of the crank) and cooling would be a nightmare. It is fun to see another method of internal combustion. I doubt it would make it to market, even with all problems solved. Creative Engineering has information in the form of computer rendering to figure Thermodynamics, I'm just an old motorcycle mechanic. All they let me have now is a hammer, screwdriver and a file. Have fun, Dave
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