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Default Re: Hand Brake assembly

Originally Posted by Outrunner View Post
I have a 26" springer front wheel, and I want to install a hand brake assembly
to it. There's a mounting hole on the fork for that but I wonder if the brake pads
will line up or work with the stock wheel rim. It really doesn't have flat sides on
the wheel rim for good contact with the brake pads. What should be the correct
set up?
Not sure if you mean a wheel or fork. If the fork is a springer and not designed for caliper style brakes you have to consider that the wheel will move up and down and if the brakes are mounted to the unsprung portion of the fork they will not move. If they mount to the sprung side of the fork they will follow the wheel movement and then its just a matter of aligning the pads with the rim sides. Maybe a little bending here and there to match the contour of the rim. Hope this helps and that I understood your question correctly.
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