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Default Re: Success on 7 deg F motorized bicycle work commute!

You should go for it, Tom.

My guess is that without some sort of wind protection built onto the bike, you'll only be able to do neighborhood rides. And even those'll be cold. (At least that's how it would shape up with me) But that's better than waiting until spring to ride. But you ought to also consider building a winter rig. Behind a 'windscreen' is a comfortable place.

I did two short rides plus one moderately long one on my motorized bicycle today. Plus one moderately long one on my pedal bike. I was more comfortable on the motorized bicycle. That's sayin' something. Because on the pedal bike, of course, you burn more calories. Staying cool is a bigger problem than staying warm as long as the temp is above zero. My upper and lower windguards have actually made that much difference.

We're expected to get about another inch of snow tonight. I guess I'm gonna have to switch to studded tires in the morning before work. Maybe I'll just do the front. Maybe the back can wait another day. Today I found a comfortable seat height that's low enough to let me put a foot down without stretching. There'll be cleats on my soles, too, by the way.

I already know I've got the icy wind beat. I think I've got the slippery conditions beat.

This is gonna be a year-round vehicle. That's a very invigorating accomplishment.
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