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Default Re: Success on 7 deg F motorized bicycle work commute!

I just finished a couple mile ride on my plain old pedal bike. Temp is about 15 deg F with pretty stiff wind & low humidity.

I was mostly comfortable except the feet. They got cold.

My pedal bike has no splash guards. My motorized bicycle does. And I was more comfortable on Saturday morning on that bike when the temp was nearly 10 deg cooler.

I'm not really surprised that those splash guards help keep the feet warmer. But it's neat to find some actual evidence.

Anyway you're correct, CTripps. Proper clothing makes on heckuva difference.

I'm going to go outside now and do a bit to make the 'upper fairing' just a bit more comfortable and then put a studded tire on my motorized bicycle. Maybe two. Though the rear might wait a week or two. Plus a few other small things.

Then I'll really be ready for anything.

Winter's not really soooo bad.
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