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Default Re: winter blues

It got up to 58 on my patio thermometer today. Right now it's 48 and expected to get down to the mid 30's tonight. Waaay too cold for me be playing in the garage tonight.
I do not like to be outside when it gets below 50. No heater in the garage and my fingers get cold and numb.

I spent most of today surfing utube and checking in here. The house is nice and warm,
the beer is cold and the pumpkin pie is tasty.
I got bored earlier and stalked the cat all around the house. She did not know what to think. Ears slicked back, hair bristled up and hissing at me. Each time I caught her I cuddled and petted her. She would purr and I would let her go. I repeated it all about a 1/2 hour later. Did it 3 times. Now she just looks at me with a strange expression each time we cross paths.
Cats are weird...
"It's a chinagirl. It's a sometimes fun little engine that often will break your heart. It's disposable.

Does not come with a fortune cookie."
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