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Default Re: Upcoming 1st Build Puerto Rico Faster would be Safer II, Shift Kit Or Not

Originally Posted by BarelyAWake View Post
Jus' as a heads up... it's a somewhat common misconception that a jackshaft/shiftkit will enable a higher top speed but with our bikes this often isn't the case - provided the final gear ratio is the same a shiftkit equipped build can't be any faster than a single speed as there's no "extra power" gained from the added friction and complexity, if anything it's ever so slightly slower due to the drag of it's chains & bearings.

The additional complexity & thus maintenance of a jackshaft is often accepted by builders not for a top speed gain, but for improved acceleration and lowered RPM at cruise speeds, making for a more comfortable & efficient ride...[/url]
I see. I WAS under the misconception that all I needed was gears. I returned to a prior thread post by HuffyDavidson and noticed that he did indeed state he is running an advanced motor with his shiftkit.

Thank you for clearing that up.

I will definitely stick to my stock China Girl setup for this build this year.
I may get by without incident, we'll see.

I think I might order a smaller rear sprocket to bring with me.

On ebay I'm seeing 32, 36, 39 and 41 tooth sprockets mainly by a seller who happens to be in Puerto Rico which is very convenient. I noticed most of these do not have a convex to them.

Any input would be appreciated.

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