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Default Re: 400Miles/gal and easy slope at 35%

Hi Motorbicycleracing,

Tank for the conversion control, I wasn't sure (US gal Uk gal US miles Uk Miles) what I must take Miles/gal ? can you give to me the right Gal and the right Miles ?

Well I'm sure that a lot of people are good in computer here, the trip was Grenoble-Die- Grenoble the pass was Fau, Lus la croix haute, Grimone, Mené and it's more than 6000 feet and at 20 Miles/h the free wheel was use but...

If the man with me was good in bike, me my trainning is more the kind "Microsoft office" and 170 pound...

In fact if you give an Hector Delta to a champion it use more gas than with normal person, because a champion pédale at more than 90 Rpm and then, the engine is not at his best efficiency speed.

For that trip we was on a standart spécifications with a best engine out put at 60 to 70 pedales Rpm.

The economy of gas don't provide of your power, but provide essentialy because you pedale at a very constant speed with a very efficient transmission.

With a champion and adapted Hybridization (best efficiency at for exemple 90 pedales RPM) the use of gas can be a lot less (closed to 0,35 L/100Km).

The engine is a Subaru EH 25cc but it's not a very efficiency engine 410 Grs/kwh. In fact we are very far of the efficiency limit. This limit is probably closed to 800 M/gal.

Yes we have other race than the Solex, the Solex is a joke because nothing is worst to race (I have done Solex Race when I was young) promess I will find something for you. The reglementation is différent we must use less than 50cc, with or without gear box and there is a lot of catégories.

Tank for the link, very beautifull bicycles, I love the Ol smokey.

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