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Default Re: 400Miles/gal and easy slope at 35%

Originally Posted by Yvanovitch View Post
Hi (Bonjour tous)

My objective was to build a toy able to climb every where, with a very hight energy efficiency.

8 prototypes later, we recently have done a trip (190 Km ~120 Miles) in the Alpes, 6000 feet in 4 pass at 34,5 Km/h average speed (~20 Miles/h) with only 0,9 Liter of gas.(if i'm right close to 500Miles/gal)

Your conversion is correct but you must have done a lot of pedaling and coasting downhill to get such high mileage.

How about a mileage test on flat ground?

what motor are you using?
I have seen drive systems like yours through the cranks before.

I love Felt biikes too.

Hey, do you have any organized motorized bicycle racing in France aside from the Solex racing?

Have you seen

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