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I do miss going I skating outdoors on ponds when I lived back in New York. I did travel to Madison WI for a few days and checked out an iceboat regatta. The ice was 8 feet thick, the people were taking there vehicles on the ice with the trailered iceboats.

After a while the edges by the launch ramp were cracking as edges of the lake I guess can be more troublesome. Then the ATV's only were used to transport trailered boats onto the ice. Any movement of large vehicles were to take them up the ramp only.

Still a nice blanket of snow I just like and when I was able to be out on the Long Island Expressway using cross country skis that was real fun too. The space between the rear wheels of the sanitation trucks after they plow the snow make just the right spacing for cross country skis. They pack the snow just right.


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