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Default Re: winter blues

I just took a short trip in my car. First time I've driven it in maybe a month. More than a couple of weeks, anyway.

Found that the engine temp was higher than it should be but no heat in the cabin. Low coolant. Really wasn't a big deal. I had a gallon or so here at home. But that's not where I was when my hands froze. What makes it worse is that I know better than to be going out in the winter without proper clothing. But I figured that even if I did have a breakdown I wouldn't work on it on the road. I'd just call a friend to come get me and go fix the car in the morning. So I went out with just a baseball cap and no gloves. When will I really, really learn?

So now I got the winter blues, too. I probably ought to drive that stupid car more just to be sure it's in good shape.

But I'm back home now (car radiator full of anti-freeze mix) and it's warm in here. So now I'm not feeling too bad.
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