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Default Re: what did you do to your motorized bicycle today?

I Helped a guy I've only I met once before very briefly with some left over parts from a kit for his M/B.
I met this guy several month's ago when I spotted him riding a Nice Nirve John Deere with motor, flagged this guy down and he stopped to show me his bike we talked for about 15 min exchange contact #'s and didn't hear from this guy until week before last when he explained that he was in need of a CDI, Plug Wire, Plug, Magneto, some gaskets and small connecting harnesses' with some heat shrink so through several hit and miss calls we finally connected today, told the guy where I lived and when he got there his face looked like he got stuck in a meat grinder as did the bike too stopping it with is front foot on the front tire, we shook hands introduced our self's then he explained his precarious living arrangements at a half way house and apologized for his appearance after talking to the guy for a while longer I decide not to take his last $$'s and only took $5.oo and handed the rest back and off he went.

His girlfriend just called and asked if he had made it here as he hasn't yet returned and she was worried, I hope the guy is ok? looking at his face kinda made me feel like my pain from surgery is NOTHING compared to his.
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