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Talking Re: Any Welders For Hire in L.A.? It's Almost Time.

Originally Posted by Venice Motor Bikes View Post
Dooood... Selling that bike that cheap makes the rest of us builders look bad!!

With all the work & parts that you had into that bike, it should've sold for $3000 MINIMUM!!
It was for sale on eBay for at least 10 months at $2499 and it just sat there in a coma. Tons of page hits and 140 followers but not 1 question about it.

My next bike will not be limited by engine choices (all gas or all electric) or tire widths. It will be Plug-n-Play, caveman simple, and the gas version of this bike will be dirt cheap in comparison.

I'm gonna flat mount a 212 Predator on a mount and wrap the bike frame around that engine and mount. It will be the first and the last bike frame that I will ever design. So I gotta get it right the first time. LOL
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