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Default Re: Faster is safer. What are my options for a bit more speed?

Originally Posted by Motorbikenewb View Post
a jackshaft kit will allow you to channel the power from the motor to your bike's main sprocket. You won't need the adapter sprocket since it uses your bike default chain and gears. And yes you will be able to change gears.
Okay, I'm now getting the JACKSHAFT bug.

Something tells me if I bought a bicycle with gears instead of just a beach cruiser this might be the way to go.

Another thing to consider is that I'm not too concerned about the law in Puerto Rico as they seem to be pretty lax down there.

I'll have to make up my mind rather fast now if I'm going to purchase this and have it delivered before I leave on the 19th.

I guess one thing I'm wondering is how difficult this now becomes to now add a JackShaft kit and switch to a bike with gears.

I AM very mechanically inclined.
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