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Default Re: Faster is safer. What are my options for a bit more speed?

Originally Posted by bairdco View Post
there's a ton of performance mods you can find on this forum. just keep looking. also, don't take the poster's word at face value. take a look at what they've actually achieved before you go spending money or hacking up your engine.

and like stated above, the key safety feature is the bike itself. a 250 pound guy can put a lot of stress on any bicycle, and a cheap bike that goes fast is a recipe for disaster.
A lot of great posts. Thank you to everyone!

What's coming to mind at the moment is imagining a bit of the best of both types of bicycles.

What I'm picturing would be a great build (with next year in mind) would be a heavy solid (but cheap!) Beach Cruiser Bicycle (with it's heavy gauge frame and beefy wheels and tires) or even a cheap mountain bike, but with gears (rear), and one of these kits that transfers the drive to the bicycle's original front sprocket.

I wonder if maybe those old type 3 speed types with the internal hub mechanics would handle the strain. If not what first came to mind is your typical 5 or 6 rear sprocket gearing with a derailer.

I completely agree, bairdco, these bicycles were not made with these speeds in mind.

After looking at various options for speed, being a bit overwhelmed, I'm likely going to stick to my 95% stock China Girl/Huffy Cranbrook build with added turbobuick spring loaded chain tensioner and keep a very sharp eye on my rear view mirror in an attempt not to get in faster traffic's way.

Thank you all, Eric the Roadwarrior
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