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Default Re: Success on 7 deg F motorized bicycle work commute!

Sure can i remember back in the mid 70's me and a friend took a ride on my snowmobile over to a friends house visited for a while and when i got home my wife was giving me a bad time. She said it was -43 F ,but we were behind the windshield and didn't really notice. It was a couple mile ride,i am sure we would have been done in if it were any further or longer.
We had a -20 F yesterday and close to that today. With the modern day outer were you can do a lot outside in these temps. A lot of construction workers are outside all day untill it get down to -20 F
The worst thing i had to do was ride on the outside of box car at the papper mill i worked at from the south yard to the plant. Not a hole lot of speed but right out in the open. Face and hands are the the worst of the for cold..............Curt
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