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Default Re: Propane conversion

This thread just keeps getting more interesting........Thanks Pop's & tyrslider for your input.

My Propane supplier (as my home uses Propane) has a 1 1/2 ton Ford delivery truck for
delivering bottles of gas. The truck is converted to using propane but with the flip of a swithch
can go back to running gasoline. The fellow who drives it and delivers showed me under the hood and there are two mixers attached to the lid of the air cleaner. (centered just above the two venturies
of the carb) The truck runs a 400M V8 engine and he says it runs smoothe as silk on the propane
and the double throw swithch shuts off the electric fuel pump mounted at the fuel tank and when
in the propane supply position the solenoid is energized to open the gas supply valve to the metering
valve diaphram which senses the low pressure at the mixers to allow the propane to
flow into the opening of the carb thru the mixers. Just that simple.

The first time I saw a photo of Harold Bate in the UK, the photo was taken during WW2 in his
converted Austin taxi (I believe it was an Austin) where he had a discarded barrage balloon
mounted to the roof between a couple sheets of plywood. By the use of some ingenious slip
knots and rope lashings he could pull the end of the rope thru the drivers window to maintain pressure on the balloon (as he had no metering system then) which had been filled with methane gas at his home.

The question Pop's brings up regarding the crank case igniting and becoming a bomb could be overcome by building a safety "Poppet" valve into the bottom or side of the case. If on the side
a diverter shield would probably be necessary so you don't get a flash burn on your leg. THINK SAFETY !

As far as a timing advance mechanism in these HT motors.......I'm not so sure there is any.
I'm no stranger to using a SUN distributor scope to make adjustments when swapping distributors or swapping springs on weights in GM distributors to plot different advance curves. But for what these little HT's are.....I think we've really pushed the envelope with em here.

What I'm wondering now is if the oil could be mixed with some gasoline so it would flow much easier
and metered into the carb venturi with a adjustment needle (perhaps for idle and one for higher rpm ranges like the carb needles on a string trimmer) In this way an oil pump wouldn't be necessary and the tank could gravity feed the oil supply adaquetly. I'm guessing by observing the
exhaust for smoke one could adjust the needles and after running it a bit one could read the plug.

Just some thoughts.
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