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Default Success on 7 deg F motorized bicycle work commute!

I just got home from work. Coming home the temp was 18 deg F, winds in the single digits, 60% humidity. I've already been through conditions like that three or four times this winter. It's now so clearly do-able that it doesn't even need comment.

But this morning it was 7 deg F, wind NW at 10 mph and 40% humidity. I could already tell that I'd be able. The only question was; how miserable? Turns out that the answer is no misery at all. Only the mildest discomfort. Not even enough to make me unhappy. My face got cold, yes. Tips of the fingers, just a bit. Torso was a bit warmer than I'd really like. But I didn't open any zippers, figuring that it'd help keep the extremities warm.

My commute is six miles. I've been getting it done in a half hour. That's an average of 12 mph. Not too shabby for an motorized bicycle in these circumstances.

The point of this is; you can do it!

It doesn't even take all that much prep. And there's really no suffering at all. It's invigorating.

I did some easy and cheap bike mods. I'm certain that I could not ride below about 30 deg F without them.

For any who haven't seen my threads about winter riding mods;

Bar Mitts:

Lower Fairing:

And this one contains some info on clothing.

I've done one other mod since those threads.

Upper fairing.jpg

This is just a piece of tarp that stretches between the two bar mitts, forming an 'upper fairing' that covers the belly and lower chest.

One of my hopes was that it would form a stream of air at speed that would blow toward the face and wipe away any breath that would threaten to fog glasses and face shield. Maybe it helped. Though I did still have some fogging. But it wasn't too bad. I've been in conditions where it was more difficult to manage.
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