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Default Re: Hello All-new here, but not to the game! My JD w/ it's 80cc Raw addition

Hey thnx guys,.,yea safety 1st 100% of the time! Techno i've got in the works a 47cc caglarri motor fully mod'd where i've only had to design the mounting plate to fit a 2 pt. install. Patent pend. and no photos are given yet. FYI your standard pb motor is actually smaller than the common motor we see going in our peddlers today, so in fact it's a more adaptable fit. Your mounting and allignments are the focus for the majority. So,.,why not make that crossover happen? Mainly more hp in smaller pkg. leaves alot on the table in regards to safety and it will almost have to be an aftermarket application. Very simular to the 4 stroke drop-in's out there. pm me with your info and i'll get some of my builds to ya.
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