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Default Re: frame stretch ~my way insert slugs welded inside in

Originally Posted by el Diablo Guapo View Post
Thanks, i am happy with it, and am learning a lot from it too

i "came up with" the idea of full lenngth slugs because the matching diameter chrome railing/clothes hanger rod/pole dance pole i found was only .05 wall, but i wanted to keep the overall chrome look, though punctuated with weld bands.

while a health hazard, particularly for prolonged exposure, OSHA standards recommend gring back about one inch of any rust resistant coating (galv, chrome etc.) but if this cannot be done simply using a fan will reduce exposre sufficiently.

check out galvinized metal fume fever:

I usually just use a fan and my total weld time on this was under 30 minutes

i left as much chrome intact as i could...

I bought a low profile was mask that fits under my weld helmet. I could use it all the time as it does not make it really hard to breathe. I am with you on ventilation as well.

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