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Default Re: winter blues

I thought I'd bump this very old thread, just for kicks and to see what our current members have to say.

As for me? I try to stay warm. I hate the cold and today I'm not very happy. It's noon in Denver and the thermometer on my back porch says, 9 degrees. That just bites.
At least my garage is heated so I can get out there and play but to keep peace with the lady of the house and the one who pays and sees the utility bills, I keep the temp lower than I'd like. 65 to 68 seems to be a good compromise. 75 would be better but..........

I have a restoration project that will occupy my time this winter but in the last three I've built bikes. One motorized bicycle each winter.

9 degrees? So where's all this "Global Warming" I've heard so much about? Not here!

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