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Default Re: what are you waiting for in the mail ?

I mailed it
I'm waiting for lots of stuff.
1.) More coils to go into my you know what's.
Can't say it because I'll be spaming.
2.) Gauges
3.) Mirrors
4.) Smoked out Running /License/Brakelight (12V28LEDS)
5.)1800 LUMENS CREE Headlight
6.) ONE Gallon tank
7.) High Flow Petcock from SBP
8.) New Seat from Kent Ind.
9.) New Spare Rear Wheel
10.) Jets from Trealand
11.)PBGH Airfilter from Treatland
12.) And something else, can't remember.
O ya components so I can keep building my you know what's.
I think that's it for this week.
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