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Default Re: becoming frightened by these bikes

Originally Posted by crassius View Post
still concerned despite all the comments here - most customers here are too poor for buses or too poor/unable to get licenses (out-of-state students, DUI guys, undoc'd workers)

due to age & health issues, I was about to go homeless when a friend got me into these (tried to do mopeds, but they're too big & heavy for me to work on)

should these become a high-ticket item (say over $300 to buy) or require reg & license, I may be living in my car till I can get out of country to someplace cheaper to live
i feel ya.... i went through a devorce and some how the state of ma saw fit to give mt wife everthing ! dead srs !!! she has the home i paid for wile she did not work she has my truck to get the kids around and i have nothing, she takes 60% of my pay in child suport caust she doentt work so she needs more than usulal LOL what a joke ! so i cant afford to even live on my own. i put around on a motorized bike and stay at family members homes on couches or floors. my dad has a place for me in NH but its far to far from my work so its not an option.

the reason for most of this is cause they saw income from the millitary but i am not on active dutie any more the duvorce took place just after i came home and went on reserve dutie. so they are tryinh to take whats not there

that is why i am on a motorized bicycle and not in my old 6in lifted chevy crew cab 4x4
here to stay and compleatly insane ! deal with it lol

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