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Talking Re: becoming frightened by these bikes

Originally Posted by crassius View Post
still concerned despite all the comments here - most customers here are too poor for buses or too poor/unable to get licenses (out-of-state students, DUI guys, undoc'd workers)

due to age & health issues, I was about to go homeless when a friend got me into these (tried to do mopeds, but they're too big & heavy for me to work on)

should these become a high-ticket item (say over $300 to buy) or require reg & license, I may be living in my car till I can get out of country to someplace cheaper to live
I spent $4200 on mine and it requires a moped plate, helmet, mirror, lights and m2 license in Cal, regardless of it's cost. Do people who ride them meet all the legal requirements to do so? Not even close. LOL
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