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Default Re: Clever Bike Names

Back when I was building sidecars during my smallholder farming days as a sideline to doing small engine and motorcycle repairs I called my little business, 'The New Colonial Sidecar Co'. No photos now exist, but I had a handpainted sign on my workshop shed with a picture of an early Villiers engine as the centrepiece.

According to a well known motorcycle encyclopedia motorcycle companies with 'new' in their name seemed to be fated to fade away into bankruptcy for some reason. And there were a lot of companies in the heroic days of motorcycling with 'new' in their name. New Imperial, New Map, New Era, New Courier, New Hudson, New Century, New Crescent, New Comet, New Knight, New Progress,,,,, & etc.

The New Colonial Sidecar Co didn't go bankrupt, but I was forced to stop trading by some very difficult family problems I was having. I won't go into them again, but I have mentioned them before on the forum.

I've sometimes thought I should build a tribute 'New Colonial' motorbicycle just to recall those happy times I spent in my workshop before everything (literally) went mad. It should have a sidecar on it too; - sidecars on bicycles are illegal here in New Zealand so I will have to put on my thinking cap to figure out a way around that.
My daughter was only 3 at the time I had my little business, but even then she loved seeing what I was doing and would play with my spanners while I worked. I painted up a little sign for my workshop that said '(my name) & Daughter' which absolutely delighted her.
(My kids learned to read very early; - the best thing you can do for your children is spend time reading to them. Even now my kids love books and can't be bothered with television).
Ah now I'm getting all misty eyed remembering those times all those years ago (sigh, sniff).........

(This is a 1909 Minerva, I didn't build it)
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