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Default Re: becoming frightened by these bikes

i realy thought about converting to a centrifugal clutch, you know the grubee cent clutch that bolts to the case, and adding a pull start... but i am not shure of the quality of the grubee cent clutch and i am not shure if it will hold up to the abuse of a highly modded motor thats far more powerfull than stock. also i am unshure of its engagement rpms and how well it takes off and the amount of torque it can withstand. so i never bought the set up.

my thoughts were to convert over to a automatic and pullstart and then put one of those faux 50cc side covers on it and just say its a 50cc auto even though its realy a 70cc dax. 47mm x 40mm

i wanted to do this to be in compliance with the law ... well at least from an onlookers point of view it would appear to be an automatic 50 cc and nothing to wright a ticket about, but so far ALL encounterts with the police i have had... stopped twice to ask about it and once i was flagged down by an officer on foot who thought it was an old wizzer and was amazed i had one ! he talked to me for an hour about the old wizzer bike he had back in the day and congradulated me on the bike lol after that i stopped worrying.

in eastern ma i just follow the rules of the road, cut out my motor when i hit the sidewalk, and keep it under 30 unless i am on a back road with zero traffic, always give the right of way, and dont play around doing tricks. and i wave at the police.... all police, i wave a them and say high as i pass. i do this so they see me and know me and know that i am around, now its been a wile and the cops know me by my bike and wave back and i am NEVER BOTHERED ! try being noticed by the police let them see you and get to know you this way they know who you are and that you are doing nothing wrong and they will let you be.

i have no licance no 40$ sticker and no plate, yet none of the cops .... not a single one care. i have even told them i have no licance and they said it didnt matter i am fine and that there was no reason at all to bother me.

however .... i am 32 years old and dress propper and speek propper and i am polite to the cops, also my bike is well built and safe with a bright head light and tail light, i also where my army reflective pt belt around my back at night. my bike looks like its safe and propper with all the right equipment and as you know looks and preception mean everything ! if it looks like a 50cc then it is for all they care, it could be a 99cc preddy but if its stripped down to look smaller and mounted vertical like our bike motors are and it has and auto clutch, and the exhaust is not ear drum blowing loud, then the pilice around here wont care, if your driving like you are suposed to and obey the traffic laws then they are not going to stop you and take the time to fill out paper work and confiscate your bike, then take it appart to measure it to prove its over the limit all just to give you a fine lol !

if i were a punk looking 19 year old kid dressed in all black with an ozzy ozborn shirt on and a bike built out of scraps that looks as if it was zip tied together by a blind monkey and tooling around on the sidewalk at 2:37 in the morning ..... you can bet your life it would have been confiscated a long time ago ! i have been there and done that and had bikes confiscated by the very same police force then that waves to me now ! its all about preception.
here to stay and compleatly insane ! deal with it lol

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