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Default Re: becoming frightened by these bikes

Originally Posted by chainmaker View Post
In MA you need at least a driving learners permit and just a 2 year sticker $40. seeing guys promote these bikes to DUI people isn't helping the motorized bicycle community it's just putting drunks on motorized bikes on which you really need to have your wits about you while riding.
lol in ma you dont need anything depending onwhat town you ride lol

i have no licance and no sticker and i have been stoped by police 3 times all to aks about the bike and tell me nice job lol.

in mass in woburn, saugus, medford, malden everett, and that aria the police dont give a flying crap as long as the bike is more or less under 100cc and looks like a bicycle... IE bike frame and working pedals, i have been told this by 2 cops that stopped me to check it out lol. they flat out said its fine no ones going to bother me as long as i am following rules and not causing havock, i even have a super loud exhaust and they said it sounded cool ! they told me as long as its 50 to 100 cc or looks like a small engine they just consider it a motor bike / moped and dont care simply because they can only go 30 max and the average driving speed is not much faster than if you were pedaling a nice bike real hard lol they told me dont speed dont weave trafic and use a head liht tail light and i will never be bothered. "as long as i dont have a 10 horse power tractor motor in the frame im all set", those were his exact words !!!
here to stay and compleatly insane ! deal with it lol
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