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Default Re: what did you do to your motorized bicycle today?

Originally Posted by waldo11 View Post
MY last build,china girl 66 cc, never ran good from the start,you know how they are a crap shoot.well anyway i tried everything i know to remedy the issue,bogging something awfull from the day i bought it,checked for air leaks,none found,swaped carbs no change,swaped coil, no today i took off the head and cylinder,all looked good.had some blow bon piston below rings so i investigated further,found lower ring had no alinghment pin allowing ring to rotate on the piston.swaped cylinder that i ported and polished,replaced piston with one i skirted,new rings,put it back together and it runs better than it ever is on a genesis onyx with custon tank and exhaust all black bike,i
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Awesome Waldo. Good job!
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