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Default Re: Propane conversion

I have done 75+ auto conversions. I was in the taxi industry for 7 years and have pulled wrenches for 40+ years. Propane has an octane rateing of 110 therefore you can raise the compression ratio to 12 to 1 and have no detanation problems. Compression = power. Changeing the timeing is the most important part of a propane conversion. It likes a real fast curve like old school racecars. 14 degrees initial with a full 40 degrees in by 2200 RPM. I think the biggest problem to get a 2 stroke to run on propane would be trying to figure out how much oil to inject and how to change the timeing. As far as the carb problem one could use a mixer which goes over the carb mouth there by utilizing the carb slider as throttle control. Try searching IMPCO propane parts and you should find lots of info. Because the way a 2 stroke takes on it's fuel and exhausts I would be leary on haveing the propane in the crank case ignite!!!???? Ka BOOM. Great idea but it would be way more doable on a 4 stroke. Just IMHO....POPS
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