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Originally Posted by atombikes View Post
Nothing wrong with a little humility to score a sweet frame like that. I'd do that 30ft "walk of shame" in a heartbeat!

Nice Fiero GT BTW. Back in the days when that car was new, I was driving a Dodge Shelby GLH that would stomp your neighbors 'vette (assuming his is a similar vintage Corvette).
Thanks, I too rocked a glh. It may have been my favorite car of all time. Maybe another after fiero is done. Mine was red. I killed the trans and could only find a non glh trans local. It kinda blew the whole thing for me, but I was younger in 97. Oddly I had more money then, but make more now...?

Anyways, those cranks are wide, but I just checked. Not wide enough for pullstart.

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