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Default Re: Kickstand. Anyone tried this one?

Originally Posted by 5-7HEAVEN View Post
Having engines front and rear on "The Iron Dragon", I REALLY need a good bikestand. First I used the rear stand and a block of wood. When that failed, I used the rear stand AND a center stand with adjustable leg. The center stand's casting broke, so I rremoved both stands and installed this:

BICYCLE ALLOY DOUBLE KICKSTAND 26" CRUISER BRAND NEW - eBay (item 160291947326 end time Oct-20-08 09:52:03 PDT)

This seems to work well 95% of the time, but I've caught my bike a few times as it was falling.

The lamp posts, tree trunks and locking cable are my friends.

I need a rear hoop stand but I don't wanna put my fender back.

HOWEVER...I've ALWAYS used a tether rope to tie my right handlebar grip to the seatpost. Having a front engine offset friction drive, the bike will definitely fall without the rope.

When the rope's not in use, I coil one end tightly around my teardrop tank's filler neck.
That thing looks beefy enough but will it fold up without hitting the crank sprocket or chain? The one I posted folds to the left side when in the up position for that reason.
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