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Default Re: Propane conversion

Hi BBassfisher. Am just learning this myself. Dunno about the BTUs but I am finding it would be close to gas in final MPGs. In a 4 stroke, the fuel is not the lube. So no injection would be needed. I had wondered too. Pretty much the only real difference is that the carb is running on a gas, not a liquid.
Truth be told, I have never built one and can only say what I am reading. But thats the fun and thank you for bringing up questions. Together we will build the ULTIMATE MOTOR ASSISTED BICYCLE! (Then take over the world. with an oddly annoying buzzing sound. but shhh)

Been thinking about this for 2 yrs and always seem to get side tracked. I really do appreciate the input. One of the goals of this new crazyness is that no community could openly bother a MBer on a emission free motor assisted bicycle. Wouldn't be PC (about the MB) hmmm, marketability...
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