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Default Re: Have you ever ridden your MB in the snow just for fun?

Originally Posted by Dan View Post
Nice ride Unraw! looks sharp. Is the head light a flashlight?
Thought the pics of your "tester bike" were great. Would JB weld fix the tank leaks? The snow bank one cracked me up. I was toying with the thought of a starting system you use. Some sort of pneumatic that could be pumped rather then a pull start.

Is funny, right now my tester bike (read beater) is the only one left running.
yup, that is a flash light. It worked good and was quite bright but the batteries didnt last long once it turned cold, so I bought a headlight from norman which is even brighter than the flashlight was. As for JB weld, I tried fixing the jet in my carb once with it and as soon as the float bowl filled up with gas, the JB weld turned to rubber and it didnt stick. So it would probably do the same on the gas tank. That starting system, how does it exactly work? Sounds interesting! (Man, I'm liking all these new motorized bicycle smilies)
Originally Posted by Creative Engineering View Post
Nice bike!

It's good to know you have some experience! The last thing we need to see is you burned with a fuel tank wrapped around your head appearing in the news. I know it's unikely...that's why they're called accidents.

It's inlikely the exposed mag could set it off...It takes a flame or spark to set gas off. The connection between the CDI and plug is not sealed. You can get arcs around the plug wire cap.

If a woman can win a law suit because she spilled hot Mcdonalds coffee in her lap, you can believe it won't take much to stop the "dangerous to the public", import of engine kits.

Your post was funny and I realize you were just having fun...just don't show it to anyone else

I really do have a new tank that you can have for the cost of shipping if you want it. $5.00

Hmmm... I might just take you up on that offer. I suppose it is bad for the MBers reputation if we drive them around with no brakes, exposed wires, leaking gas cap etc. I'm planing on taking this bike apart come spring and repaint and rebuild it and out fit it with brakes and pull start or some other starting mechanism. Has anyone ever tried the centrifugal clutches of these engines? Are they any good? I would want to do it in winter but we dont have a heated garage so that sucks.
Edit: I put a different gas tank on from a lawn mower. No leaks! even when its tipped on its side

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