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Default Re: How NOT to ride a motorized bicycle

I seem to have a soft spot for the earnest, mechanically inept types who try REALLY hard.
Like I said, this guy loves his bike so much I just HAVE to give him a break. Some of you might remember this guy as the one who crashed on his first test ride after I rebuilt his bike after fixing the frame (Drilled for mount)
He's still crashing.
I fear for his health but he simply will not give up, no matter how horrible a rider he really is. Gotta respect that kind of joy in our sport/obsession/hobby.
I do my best to give him a decent tool to use and advice on how not to crash.
Hopefully, time will make him a better rider.
Seeing the smile on his face every time I save his baby is a wonderful feeling.
I'm his hero when he picks up his bike. Makes me happy.

I'm terrified giving him a front brake when he is so bad at riding his bike....
But I cannot MAKE him stop crashing by refusing to fix his bike. All that would do is drive him to someone who might take advantage of him. (Like the guy who assembled his bike the first time)
If more is better, then too much is just enough.
If you can't afford it, build it yourself.

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