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Default New feller here.

Hello folks, I'm new here. I just got my first motorbike last saturday (nine days ago, now) and I'm enjoying it a lot.

I have seen these things being driven around town occasionally, and have kind of wanted one for a couple years, but couldn't really justify the price for what I thought was essentially just another bicycle since I already had two normal bikes. My room mate got one of these nearly a month ago and I got to ride it around the block a couple times... made me want one a bit more.

Then just over a week ago, my driver's license got suspended for some silly ridiculous reason and the next day I decided I still needed a way to get to and from work, even though it's only a mile away. And I kind of really want one of these bikes.

Sooo I bought my bike from the same guy my room mate bought his from!

I've always been an automotive enthusiast and I already have what they call the "mod bug"... I wanna go faster. Little bit of Google work brought me here to one of the spark plug threads, and I figure this seems like a community I want to get into a bit more. So here I am!
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