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Default Re: Propane conversion

LOL....bless you Dan.....I'm glad you can benefit from what I know.

One thing I forgot to mention and that was the motor oil used in a 4cycle motors fueled with
Propane, Natural Gas, or low sulphur Diesel. Our LP conversion kit supplier for those fork trucks told us about a "Low Ash" content
oil made by Penzoil back then. It runs better in a LP fueld motor and doesn't crud the engine up
like a conventional motor oil for a gasoline motor.

These oils are specially formulated with low ash, low phosphorous oil stocks. Several companies make this stuff for fleeted vehicles and it may range from synthetic to mineral base. It's usually suggest
for use in natural gas & propane fueled fleet vehicles.....and some oil producers claim it will double
the service life of the motor.

I know Penzoil made it, Valvoline, and Amsoil. And custom lube companies like D-A Lubricants distribute it also. I just don't know about setting up 2cycle LP applications with piston port inductions like these HT's here use. It would seem they would need an oil pump and injection system....if there is even a low ash 2 stroke oil available. The 4cycle motors wouldn't be a problem to run on propane.

Here's what Valvoline says:

Premium Blue GEO Engine Oil

How it works:

Premium Blue GEO is formulated with premium quality paraffinic base stocks and additive components to provide outstanding lubrication of gaseous fueled engines. The ash content of the oil is minimized to reduce formation of "hot-spots" that can lead to increased Nox formulation and catalyst poisoning.
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