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Default Re: full suspension chopper custom frame

Originally Posted by irishpowerjunkie View Post
yes I have considered all you have thought about. the pivot is a nut bolt combination device that I designed I don't want to share drawings right now as I have the plans on sale in swapshop so forgive if I keep a few bits secret. as for dropouts at rear of bike they are thicker admittingly in the views but only because of limitations of my cad skills. they are just plate steel shaped and drilled/grooved to enable removal of wheel. the bend piping I will personally be doing with a pipe roller similar to in picture below, although if someone thought of different way go right ahead but I personally will not guarantee results to be the same. any fork will fit just adjust dimensions to suit what you got, just drew that size, you can change rake if you want but I like the way it is. if you want plans look in swapshop for my thread.
I'm not looking for plans, I was looking for some sort of evidence that your plan will actually be able to be built. You have to be able to supply a parts list, with suggested sources of supply, etc. Not just a CAD file. Perhaps a picture of your built bicycle and some text that describes the handling, weight, etc.

If you want to see bicycle plans that actually sell, visit and look thru their offerings. Notice that every design actually shows the built bicycle.

You should build and test your design before offering it for sale; that's all I'm really trying to say. After going thru your first build you will probably find things that need to be changed and can do so before passing it on to your paying customers.
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