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Default Re: Propane conversion

Originally Posted by eDJ View Post
Dan wrote:

There was a small company in Portland Oregon called Earth Move that made these carb kits off the patten held by Harold Bate.....a WW2 TAXI driver in London UK. Bate raised chickens and composted their droppngs in a "digester" which would distill Methane gas. (sewer gas...highly volitle) In Europe many of the commercial farms make their own fuels for farm equipment using this system.

It can run Propane and natural gas also.

These little kits used to be less than $40 dollars.

Box 10121
Portland, Oregon 97201

I've worked with fork trucks which run Propane and they get much longer service lives than those running gasoline. If you have to pull one down you'll be amazed at how clean they are inside.

If you want to read about this thing of Harold Bate and or convert your bike or car to run on Propane or Natural Gas....or if you can get chicken or turkery dung to set up your own plant to make Methane with...........

Put a chicken in your tank

Happy New Years from ol' eDJ
eDJ, I always enjoy reading your insights! That is good news about the internal condition of the engine. and service life. Hope you can make one of the eastern rallys this yr.

....If we were to market these; "Bate's motel motor bikes, we aint chicken shizit" or ok, I got nuton but could be funny. And just imagine the emoticon Hiker would make! LOLOLOL
worst apocalypse ever
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