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Talking Re: Want to build my own Derringer

Originally Posted by KCvale View Post
(grins) That 4-stroke engine looks to me like it is sitting on the red shelf under the work bench not on the red bike, or a photshop mock-up from a pic of the motor on the shelf and then dropped in the pic of the bike.

I guess he wanted to see how it looked but I can see right now that engine is way bigger than it looks in that pic and that red bottom mount plate is the bottom shelving you may have thought was a mount base.

I don't see a gas tank either.

need glasses or are you drunk this early in the morning?

The huasheng motor is sitting on the welded in motor mount plate in the custom Derringer frame.
The motor is Not on the work bench shelf.
It is not a photoshop mock up.

Gas tank is not on the unfinished bike so that's why you don't see it.

They look like this......

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