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Default Re: Optimal Tire Pressure for High Speed Riding

Originally Posted by 2door View Post
Obviously you've never seen a tire explode and take a man's lower face off. I did.
But you go ahead, ignore the max pressure rating and inflate to whatever you choose.
That's your prerogative. Just don't tell others that it is okay to do here. We like to see our members take safety seriously.

i have .... well not a lower face and not a mon it was me lol

the tire was cracked and old the side wal split at 40 lbs and it bulged so fast i didnt even have time to think and then BOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMM !!!!! it exploded so damn loud it sounded like a pipe bomb no kidding ! people were looking out windows ! so yeh even a bike tire can explode and send a piece of 4 in wide rubber into your forehead ! it feels like getting punched by mike tyson ! that was only 40 lbs of iar in a wal mart bike tire. but then i have hookworms that hold 60 on the regular and could probably take a good 70 so ..... be carfull the quality of tire definatly matters !
here to stay and compleatly insane ! deal with it lol

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