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Default Re: Newbe looking for help........

There was a member who found two ball bearings in his engine. His problem was the same as yours. That would be a rare occurance but worth a check. If you have or can find a very strong magnet you can attach it to the bucking bar and the magnetism will pass through the bar and might help remove the ball bearing. If you can find a magnet small enough to fit in the sprocket bore that will work too.
I doubt two bearings is your problem.

Did you pack the bore with grease before installing the ball and pin? If so, have you tried just applying a steady pressure to the pin to see if it will force some grease out?
I've never actually seen a ball or bucking bar that was bound up in the sprocket/shaft bore but that doesn't mean ir's impossible.
When you disassembled things, removed the actuator cover, to install the chain did you happen to notice how far the bar protruded from the sprocket initially?

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