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Default Re: what are some of the best mods to do?

Originally Posted by KCvale View Post
Hands down a $10 NGK 5944 Iridium spark plug is the first thing to do, every 2-stroke I build gets one first thing.

Identifying number for a colder climate is BRP6HIX.

It is no easier to install a Jackshaft than pulling your engine apart and grinding, changing carbs, installing custom exhaust, etc but if you make a mistake it won't toast your engine and you can always put an expansion chamber later and run circles around those direct drive guys ;-}
wohhh there ! lol my bike is a fixed gear with a 44t rear and i can top 40 with a tunned length1in diamiter strait pipe ! if i swap out to a 40t and add a few in to my pipe i can make 45mph top speed ! its all about gearing and power you can produce at a giveen rpm for your gearing !

i will agree with you however a stock motor with a good HD shift kit will blow by a stock motor with no shift kit and having low gears for slow sidwalk cruising riding is verry nice

and the oil mix recomondation for 32:1 should be the standard ! nice info

oh and even the cheapest flea bay motor can benifit from decking the head down ! take it down as far as you can on some glass using 100 grit sand paper then finnish the surfaace using 220 or greater, you can take a stock head all the way down to almost the fins ! THE STOCK RATIO OF 6:1 is too low and taken all the way down will get you close to 12:1, doubling the stock compression will give a good boost in over all power of about 5%
here to stay and compleatly insane ! deal with it lol

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