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Default Re: what are some of the best mods to do?

Hands down a $10 NGK 5944 Iridium spark plug is the first thing to do, every 2-stroke I build gets one first thing.

Identifying number for a colder climate is BRP6HIX.

The higher that middle number (5-8) the cooler the engine will run which in Phoenix in the summer is as much as possible so a 7 or 8, but you want to keep the heat in if it's really cold so go a 6 or 5.

Considering you started with the cheapest E-bay 66cc 2-stroke you could find and put it on a cheap Huffy bike you might not want to dive into all these other mentioned high performance mods just yet...

Sadly the chances of your Huffy's back wheel hub lasting long after you are done running break in gas mix and go to 32:1 or better even without mods are not very good, boost the power and the failure will come even sooner

It baffles me to this day why Huffy with it is nice steel frame and rim with 12g spokes would sacrifice what really matters, the coaster brake hub internals and bearings for pretty paint but I see it again and again.

When that inevitably happens you have the opportunity to replace the junk hub with a 3-speed hub, add a shift kit and without modifying the engine performance run with any of these direct drive engine mod guys.

$200 Sick Bike Parts 2-stroke HD kit.
$150 Shimano 3-speed hub with shifter installed in your Huffy steel rim with it's 12g spokes by a bike shop. That's what it costs me here locally anyway.

It is no easier to install a Jackshaft than pulling your engine apart and grinding, changing carbs, installing custom exhaust, etc but if you make a mistake it won't toast your engine and you can always put an expansion chamber later and run circles around those direct drive guys ;-}
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