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Default Re: Optimal Tire Pressure for High Speed Riding

I've seen a man burn to death in front of me at Indianapolis.
I've seen the emergence of 50 and 70 car pile-ups, and mostly the past two years.

I've seen cycling suffer from a strange part incompatibility for a lifetime, while the better transportation bikes of 40 years ago have been pushed out the exotic or the terribly mundane and stupidly clunky-

but I have no problem riding clinchers with 75 pounds of pressure

never have and never will-

if an accident happens to me- it's because it's an accident

not because a corporate world would just as well see everyone with cement wheels if they could sell them to us

I raced USCF for 14 seasons and mostly as a Category 1- when all we had were sew ups

spare me your horror stories -
I know tire failures based on millions of miles of my own and the riders around me.

No one wants to fall LESS than I do, and no one takes more care moment to moment

on the other hand, I am tired of internet "expertise"

of greater danger at this time is a growing road rage among motorists and largely spurred by internet chat boards- chat boards full of "experts"

take your advise there- I am not listening. I've spent a lifetime around bikes, and still amazed that I'll see some freak on a sport motor bike go weaving through traffic on a freeway at 90, and no one has anything to say

but when it comes to riding a thinner or higher pressure bike tires, the lay American public suddenly is all sooooo "safety conscious".

I still think you've been sold FAT TIRES by oil company corporate policies for years and years. Jeez, they even have a more filling, poor tasting beer by that name now

If you want that tiny motor to push a bunch of weight that doesn't roll well on heavy spongy tires, then go ahead. If you think it's vital, then good for you. A Motorized can be lighter and better pedalling than a moped.

But you've kept some simplicity and ease out of this game, the way the manufacturers have intended, and intended with other concerns, overiding any they might have to your own safety. You may also think then they have liberties to play with your heath and well being to evoke your servitude- but personally I've had some glimpses into that that you wouldn't want to see and they certainly wouldn't want me to share with you. CORPORATE has a higher agenda and bikes, and motorized bikes don't rate very high on it- I don't think their psi recomendations are sacred myself.

More likely prescribed by a Sarah Palin,
All I'm sayin.

maybe next Thanksgiving then, cause you made it through this one alive.

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