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Default Missing chain tensioner and band-aid fix.

Going to work yesterday I thought that my pedal drive felt just a bit strange.

So I came out during the day to adjust my rear wheel. I found that the chain tensioner roller was completely missing. No sign of it. After thinking about it for a bit, I came up with a decent substitute.

emergency chain tensioner 01.jpg

It's a machine screw. I didn't even bother to check size or length. I suppose it was an inch and a half or so. Double-nutted to the chain tensioner bracket.

Then on the chain side I filled the shaft of the screw with washers that fit loosely on the screw. They'd do the same thing as a roller would. Double-nutted the end to hold them on.

emergency chain tensioner 02.jpg

I only had to go about 12 miles before I could get my spare roller on there. But it worked so well that I think I could have ridden indefinitely.
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