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Default Re: Optimal Tire Pressure for High Speed Riding

When I was 17 I pulled a tire out of my car, it had 8lbs of air in it. Placed it against the wall in the garage and crawled under my car to pull the tranny (smoked it from a night of racing) and then BANG! That tire blew the sidewall apart, man that was an eye opener. The tire was nearly flat.

As for bike tires it depends on the tire and the weight the tire needs holds up and what your doing. I'm a light weight at 165 and will run my tires at max or 5 lbs under max if we are going out for some fun riding, if we are out to just cruise I drop them to about 5 lbs above minimum.

At max pressure the stiff chassis of my bike beats me to death after 40 minutes lol.

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